Where To Find Mouth Watering Pizza In Norfolk

Who doesn’t love pizza?  You can imagine my delight when I found one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten right here in Norfolk County from an unassuming family style restaurant in Vittoria.1297413099596_ORIGINAL

I’d heard a lot of people talking about  how great the food was at The Catherwood and The Kiln. Recently one of my friends posted on twitter “Just had the most amazing pizza at #Catherwood and The Kiln in Vittoria.  Mouth watering goodness”.  My friend travels all over the United States and Canada for work.  Therefore she eats in a lot of different restaurants.  So I knew that if she was raving about their pizza it had to be something extraordinary.

I checked out their Facebook page in search of their menu which consists of speciality, gourmet or build your own pizzas, panzerotti, chicken wings, salads and lots of sides (including one of my new favourites, deep fried pickles). 

From the many tempting pizzas to choose from I ordered the “BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch” gourmet pizza.  You can’t go wrong with anything with bacon on it, right?   This italian pie was generously topped with ranch sauce (instead of tomato paste), chicken, red onion, bacon strips (yes, big strips, not bacon bits) and Italian herbs. It was melt in your mouth delicious!

the-catherwood-and-the-2The home of The Catherwood and The Kiln was built in 1835 and has previously serves as a grocery store and a hotel.  Today, not only is the historic building a pizza parlour but also a patio, art gallery and museum.

the-catherwood-and-theI’ve passed by this location many times and always wondered what awaited customers behind the large, dark tinted windows.  I wish I’d discovered this Norfolk County jewel sooner.

The Catherwood and The Kiln is located at 1560 Old Brock Street in Vittoria.

Have you been to The Catherwood and The Kiln?  How was it?  What other Norfolk County restaurants serve awesome pizza?  Tell us what you think by leaving your reply below.

2 thoughts on “Where To Find Mouth Watering Pizza In Norfolk

    1. I was very disappointed, I had heard all the ravings about this pizza, unfortunately I’m unable to eat cheese, so I have a pizza cheeseless, and the one I ordered, with 3 other toppings, it was so sparse, that I needed a magnifying glass to find them, the flavour was good but that is it……..I won’t go there again, as it is expensive.

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