Schofield’s Bistro

This past Christmas I was the lucky winner of the Erie’s Edge Real Estate Facebook contest – Best Decorated tree. I won a $100 gift certificate to the Norfolk County Restaurant of my choice. The choice for me was a no brainer…Schofield’s Bistro.

I have lived in Port Dover all of my life and have eaten at all of the great restaurants that the town has to offer. When a new establishment opens, I can’t wait to try their food. I am usually not disappointed. When I first dined at Schofield’s Bistro on Main Street four years ago, I was amazed.

Their food which is described as “casual gourmet with Norfolk flavour” is outstanding, but where it comes from is even better. Everyone who lives in Norfolk County knows how great the variety of fresh ingredients that our area has to offer are. Schofield’s Bistor uses these local elements to their advantage. Not only do their dishes consist of farm to table ingredients, they offer a variety of options that feature the work of other local businesses such as The Port Dover Cheese Shop, Silver Lake Vodka, and my personal favourite, The Little Cheesecake Company.

Schofield’s offers a variety of succulent dishes ranging from their popular Grazing Plate appetizer which features the chef’s weekly selection of artisanal crafted charcuterie to their beef tenderloin medallions. They also offer different daily specials, depending what is in season. I cannot get enough of their linguine alfredo with chicken. The creamy white wine sauce is packed with cheesy flavour and the chicken is grilled to perfection. The dish is served with crusty garlic loaf that I look forward to every time I dine there. 

As a picky eater, I enjoy checking out a restaurant’s website prior to visiting. Schofield’s website does not disappoint and describes everything they have to offer in detail. Make sure to check it out at Their Twitter and Instagram pages are also great as they often post their specials which will be sure to get your mouth watering!

The ambiance of Schofield’s Bistro is just right. It is located in a historical building and features hardwood floors and exposed brick walls which are decorated with pictures of Port Dover’s past and the work of local artists which is available for purchase. The tables are always decorated with fresh flowers and in the evening, the lights are dimmed and candles are lit, making it my favourite date night location with my fiance. Schofield’s is next door to The Lighthouse Festival Theatre and offers a dinner special for those attending a show. This is perfect both locals and those visiting from out of town.

The Little Cheesecake Company’s Coconut Cream Cheesecake available at Schofield’s Bistro

If you are attending the theatre, or just looking for a great place to dine with friends or someone special, do not overlook Port Dover’s Schofield’s Bistro.

Written by Andrea McIntyre, winner of the Erie’s Edge Christmas tree contest.

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