Should I Stay or Should I go?

selling-propertyWhen you list your house for sale your REALTOR® likely explains to you that living in a home and selling a home are two totally different thing. Your home is going to be opened to many other REALTORS® and potential buyers and often these showings occur right in the middle of the kids nap time, dinner hour or as you would normally be getting the kids ready for their soccer game or even bed.

So some Sellers may say “well, they can come but we will be home because it is nap time”, or “we want our REALTOR® present for showings” for example. But is being present during a showing or maybe a home inspection the right thing to do?

Here’s our top 3 reasons why we feel the presence of the Seller and/or Seller’s REALTOR® may interfere with the sale of the home.

1. Buyers tend to be less comfortable asking questions or making comments about the home when the Seller or REALTOR® is present, as they may be afraid to offend someone. A simple comment like “that paint job isn’t very good and I don’t like the colour” or “the carpets all need cleaning” may be difficult for a buyer to say in front of an owner or agent. Or asking questions like “is that mold on the wall” or “is that water on the ceiling from a roof leak” may be harder to ask as the buyer does not want to offend the seller.

2. The Seller may say something or answer a question innocently enough that may jeopardize a deal or negotiations. For example when a Buyer’s REALTOR® asks a Seller’s REALTOR® why the Seller is moving, the Seller’s REALTOR® would normally answer that question in a way that would not reveal the motivation of the seller – if they are desperate to sell or just testing the market. But if a Seller was to answer that same question direct to a buyer or Buyer’s REALTOR® the result may be different. An answer such as “my husband is being transferred” or “my wife is too ill to handle the stairs to the bedroom anymore” may lead a buyer to believe the Seller is desperate and in turn result in a lower initial offer. Negotiations can change when motivation of a seller is revealed.

3. The presence of a seller and/or REALTOR® may also lead to overselling of your home. The in ground sprinkler system, the “owned” and not “rented” hot water tank, the upgraded light fixtures, the extra deep jacuzzi tub, the raised toilets, and the custom built storage shed that cost the seller extra money at the time of construction does not always add value to the home to all Buyers. Overselling your house may make a buyer feel pressured or nervous. Pointing out these small upgrades will take away from the buyers opportunity to see the important aspects of the house.

In the end, it’s important to let the Buyer’s REALTORS® do their job and the Buyers have their space. Your home and its features will sell itself and the more comfortable the buyer is in your home the better the chance they will fall in love with it.

So should you stay or should you go? We recommend you go.

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