Do I Need a Building Permit for a Deck?

DeckI’m often asked whether or not a building permit is needed to build a deck. The answer depends on two factors:

(1) Whether or not the deck serves an entrance or exit; and

(2) The size of the deck.

A building permit is always required for a deck regardless of its size if it serves and entrance or exit. For example, a deck outside of a patio door will require a building permit.

Any deck this is larger than 108 square feet (10 square metres), regardless of whether it is attached or detached to a dwelling, is required to have a permit. However, if you construct a deck under 108 square feet in size setback regulations still apply. A setback is the distance which a deck must be setback from your property line.

To apply for a building permit in Norfolk County, you are required to complete and submit a building permit application along with 2 copies of you construction drawings and 2 copies of a survey of site plan detailing the location of you deck including the setback dimensions from all property lines and the septic system.

For more information about deck regulations, you should contact Norfolk County’s building department at 519.426.4377 or 519.875.4485. Additional information is also available on Norfolk County’s website by clicking here.

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