I Won’t Help You Buy A Condo in Downtown Toronto But I Can Help You Buy A Lake Erie Cottage

Real estate consumers like to work with people that they know, like and trust.  I get that. Therefore sellers sometimes ask a REALTOR® who doesn’t live locally but whom they know personally to list their property for sale.  For example, a cottage owner might be tempted to ask the REALTOR® who sold them their home in the city to list their cottage for sale which is located four hours away.

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Buyers sometimes do something very similar in that they will ask a REALTOR® who they know where they currently reside to assist them in locating a property to purchase in another town or city sometimes as far as hundreds of miles away.  I’ll discuss why I’m so adamantly opposed to listing a home or cottage for sale or assisting a buyer locate and purchase a home or recreational property in an area I’m not familiar with.

I sell homes and cottages in Norfolk County.  I know where to find a doctor, lawyer and local tradespeople who service the area.  I know the schools, banks, libraries, post offices and the people.  I’m familiar with local zoning by-laws, what day garbage pick up is, who local elected officials are and most other things you will want to know when living in a Norfolk community.  Want to know where to get the best burger, best pizza or where to enjoy fine dining?  I can help with that, too.


Yes, a Google search will yield a wealth of information about buying or selling a home and about the neighbourhoods or areas you’re interested in.  But finding facts and advice that are both local and credible is more important.

Ontario real estate professionals are registered to trade in real estate anywhere in the province.  However, if I wanted a buy a condo or house in Toronto, I’d hire a Toronto REALTOR® to advise and counsel me on market value and local issues. Local people will always have a better knowledge of these matters.

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