5 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

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1.  Examine Roof Shingles
.  Take a look at your roof to see if any shingle were lost or damaged during winter.

2.  Check the Eavestrough.  Loose or leaking gutters can lead to water in your basement or crawl space.  Make sure downspouts drain away from your foundation.

3.  Inspect the Chimney. Look at the exterior of your chimney for signs of damage. Winter can wreak havoc on chimneys especially masonry chimneys. When water seeps into the brick it can cause catastrophic damage that must be repaired.

As well, have a chimney sweep clear ash, soot, (and maybe even wildlife) from chimney.

4.  Check Outside Taps.  Turn the water on and place your thumb over the opening of your outside taps.  If you can stop the flow of water, it’s likely the plumbing inside has freeze damage and will need to be replaced.

5.  Service the AC Unit.  All too often homeowners turn their air conditioning on when needed only to discover it’s not working.  Have a qualified contractor clean and service your AC before you need it.

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