There’s more to Long Point Eco-Adventures than just unusual and exciting fun

Long Point Eco-Adventures is an exciting and  unique outdoor adventure experience that is out of the ordinary. From Zip Lining through the canopy of Carolinian forest, to Stargazing at Long Point Observatory to Kayaking down Big Creek into Long Point Biosphere, Long Point Eco-Adventures provides eco-friendly adventures and vacations that develop new skills and provide exciting experiences for families and friends as well as corporate and school groups.

You can now “Indulge” at Long Point Eco-Adventures.  On Sunday, we stopped by this Norfolk County gem for lunch.  The menu is small but mighty. 

Overflowing with a generous helping of perfectly spiced beef, crisp romaine, a creative twist on bruschetta and heaping amounts of mixed cheese, Indulge Food Coach doesn’t disappoint.  

We’ll be back.



Food truck

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2 thoughts on “There’s more to Long Point Eco-Adventures than just unusual and exciting fun

  1. Just wondering why the Girls Get Away has changed so much? Myself and 3 of my best friends attended last year in September and loved it and we were planning on booking another stay this summer but we were so disappointed to read can only book in groups of 8 and that dinner is in Turkey Point on the first night-boo-we loved not having to drive after having a few beverages and we loved the dinner provided by the Fairly Fat Guys on the first evening. we are very sad to see the changes this year and we will be making other arrangements for our girls get away this summer

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