8 Coffee Hot Spots in Norfolk County

This blog is dedicated to all the java junkies who need that dose of caffeine to get them through the day. Whether it’s your morning motivator, an afternoon addiction, or a beloved break that you savour, we’ve got a list of coffee spots in Norfolk that you need to visit for a sip!

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Urban Parisian

This french bakery brings a bold European style vibe to Port Dover’s beach life atmosphere, and they’ve brought some bold coffee flavours too.  They have stated the claim that their rich coffee is “the best cup of coffee in town” and one might find that hard to argue! You can pair that steaming cup of caffeinated heaven with a freshly baked french dessert or one of their authentic and ever-changing lunch menu options.


While their food has attitude, their Brazilian coffee is packing a flavourful punch. The family vibe at Ferrera’s makes it the perfect place to meet up and enjoy a hot coffee, and some amazing food. While I favour a cup of their Brazilian coffee, no cream and sugar needed, their vanilla hazelnut coffee is definitely on my must-try list.

New Limburg

This local brewery is known for it’s Belgian Style Ales, but their bold coffee is equally rave worthy!  They are serving up a deliciously rich cup of java (amongst a couple other awesome caffeinated options). Their European style beer cafe in an old school classroom creates a perfect setting to lounge and laugh with friends over a cold Belgian beer or hot cup of coffee.

Uncle’s Country Coffee

When we asked our followers on social media their favourite coffee spot, Uncle’s in Port Rowan earned multiple mentions. Their humble service and hot coffee is worth the detour if your headed to the lake or near this tiny town. You can get it to go from their convenient drive through window and head to the park to enjoy the perfectly brewed coffee overlooking the lake, or dine in and order up one of their epic breakfast feasts.

Cuppa Refills

Cuppa Refills is receiving exceptional online reviews from their patrons for their warm service, stunning view and of course, their hot java! At this unique coffee shop, you can select from over 150 K-cup options to sip on.  Better yet, you can enjoy your selected drink while looking out over the Port Dover harbour or join in one of their paint or sign making classes.  As one happy coffee customer said “it’s like coming home, leaving your problems behind”.

Crepe House

With organic free trade coffee and some seriously amazing crepe creations, a stop at the Crepe House is a must when visiting Port Dover. Of course they have some other amazing caffeinated options on their hot beverage menu including lattes, espresso and cappuccino. Their crepe selection includes breakfast crepes to dinner crepes so you can enjoy an amazing local meal and a comforting cup of coffee any time of day.

Joy Bakery Cafe

Joy Bakery Cafe in Simcoe is serving up delectable baked goodies, daily soups, and satisfying hot drinks. Their delicious high quality coffee and unique flavoured lattes are worth the visit to this friendly, small-town cafe.  Of course you have to top off the visit with some of their traditional sweet creations made from locally sourced ingredients. Joy Bakery Cafe is the perfect place to cozy up with a premium cup of coffee.


Okay, so you may be surprised to see this one the list.  It’s certainly not locally sourced or Norfolk unique however, a couple of our team members are adamant about McDonald’s coffee flavours. You’ll find Norfolk’s golden arches on the Queensway in Simcoe and surely you’ll enjoy a familiar cup of coffee that is being enjoyed worldwide!

Now that you’re armed with an insider scoop on Norfolk’s best cups of coffee, where do you plan to visit for your next coffee break? Let us know if we missed your favourite coffee shop on our list, we’d love to give it a try!


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