The Most Important Person in a Real Estate Office Isn’t Who You Think

No, it’s not the Broker of Record or sales representatives. It’s the administrators. These unsung heroes are the ones who really run the show.

Administrators spend endless hours catering to and anticipating the needs of the company. A great administrator keeps the management team on time and in the know – in other words, it’s an administrator’s job to make the bosses look good and keep them organized.

Administrators are “the most powerful person in the office.” They are the backbone of the brokerage. They know everything about the brokerage’s people. It’s not just administrative work. They know what others need, how they think, and they know without having to ask them what they need to do in order to make their people better. When they get into the office, they drop all of their own self needs and dedicate everything to the company and its people. Everything they do is to make the brokerage successful.

They say the best part of a company is its people. That’s certainly the case when it comes our administrator.

Thank you Patti and Rachel for all that you do!

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