A New Business Coming to Long Point

Erie’s Edge Real Estate would like to congratulate our Buyer, Tristan McClay as he launches his new business venture beginning this weekend at Udderlee Kool in Long Point, where he will also open “Long Point Marketplace”.

Udderlee Kool ice cream and take out food will remain open, with a new menu coming soon and an addition of a candy store!.  Hours will be 10 am to 11 pm, but stay tuned for a breakfast menu and new hours in the future.

In the former arcade, Tristan has created a Marketplace filled with his very own Long Point Steak and Frozen Food Co. products, fresh produce and a variety of regular grocery items.  Tristan is happy to welcome his sister, Tarissa, making this a family run business.  Tarissa will be managing the produce department for him.

A soft launch will take place this weekend, starting Friday, May 7.

We would like to formerly welcome Tristan and Long Point Marketplace to Long Point and wish them every success in their new business.  Thank you Tristan for trusting Your Local Real Estate Team from Erie’s Edge Real Estate in the purchase this fantastic addition to Long Point.

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