Ray Ferris

Norfolk native, wannabe chef, collector of fine dining menus, ridiculously early riser always looking for a stronger brew of morning mud.  I’m “REALTOR® Ray”, AKA “Chef Raymond”, “Captain”, “Raymondo”, and “Ray Jr.”.

When growing up, I always dreamed of being a world renowned chef, yet my high school guidance counsellor convinced my parents that a Bachelor of Commerce was best for my future. So off to McMaster University I went where I was exposed to general business principles, accounting, finance, human resources, statistics, marketing, economics, and information systems … perfect pre-requisites for a real estate broker!

As a REALTOR® for the past 26 years, I’ve been witness to rapid change in the way which real estate is bought and sold. Way back when, information about properties listed for sale was made available by way of catalogues.  Yes, catalogues.  Publications of listing information with ONE black and white thumbnail size photo.  Wait, it gets better.  The catalogues were printed and delivered to brokerages every two weeks.  Yes, that’s right … you had to wait two weeks to find out about a new listing.

Fast forward to 2016, I had the honour and responsibility of serving as President of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), the province’s strongest advocate for home and property ownership, property rights, and prosperous communities. OREA represents 80,000 REALTOR® members, who help home buyers achieve the Canadian dream of home ownership.

The complexity of the modern real estate market combined with expanded legal obligations increases the need and expectations of a high standard of care and knowledge.  REALTORS® are involved in transactions that have a high degree of emotion, financial risk and reward associated with them.  For this reason, I continued my education, beyond registration requirements.  In 2017 I was awarded the FRI (Fellow of the Real Estate Institute) which allows me to better serve our firm’s clients and to lead our team of REALTORS® after continuing rigorous education requirements beyond registration education.

When not selling real estate, I enjoy boating, fishing, and cooking.  I spend summers in Long Point as a fourth generation owner of The Old Cut Boat Livery where we have a summer time real estate office. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you’re trusting me with one of your most valuable possessions.  I take this responsibility very seriously.

Call or email Ray: 519.586.7922

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Amie Ferris

Born and raised in Port Dover, lover of the lake, proud of the local small town spirit, third generation REALTOR®, community volunteer and the one who will talk your ear off about all the amazing things Norfolk County has to offer. I’ve been involved in many activities from boating and fishing to sports for plenty of years, and would love to tell you all about them, or help you get involved.

Chinese philosophy describes “Yin and Yang” as opposite forces that are actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent and that they give rise to each other. Ray loves to cook…I do not; Ray loves twitter…I love facebook; Ray’s vacations are go go go…mine are not; Ray is an early riser…I am not. I prefer to work late into the evening which means as a real estate team, we complement one another so you get the very best possible service.

Single family homes and lakeside living are my areas of “expertise”. Whether you are a first time buyer excited for your new adventure, a family looking to expand, a retiree ready to make that final move or someone looking for a summer home, I’d love to help you “make the right move”. And along the way I’ll likely introduce you to some local characters and share some great community history and stories!

Call or email Amie: 519.426.2072

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Rachel Larose

Rachel Larose

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m originally from Port Elgin (known for the best sunsets and fish & chips!) and now reside in Port Dover with my husband and our two young children.

I am a graduate of Fanshawe College with a Business Diploma and Marketing Management Certificate. After graduating, I began my career in real estate as a Team Assistant and Marketing Manager. In 2014, my husband and I moved to Port Dover and I joined Erie’s Edge as an Office Administrator. With just over 5 years of experience in the real estate industry I decided to take the leap in the fall of 2015 and start my education to becoming a full time licensed Sales Representative. In 2016, I obtained my real estate license and began my career as a full time, full service REALTOR® in Norfolk County. I specialize in cottage and residential properties and look forward to helping buyers and sellers with all of their real estate needs.

I’m a lover of country music, New Orleans Saints fan and traveller at heart. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the trails with my children, spa days and relaxing at home with my husband and children.

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Mia (Bauer) Land

Mia (Bauer) Land

Meet Mia Bauer-Land – one of Turkey Points top producers. As a second generation Realtor, Mia has not only inherited her exposure to real estate, but has personally developed a respectable clientele along with a sincere interest and knowledge in the industry. Understanding the magnitude of your investment Mia knows what it is like to stand in her client’s shoes – buying and selling homes of her own and understanding the journey.

Norfolk County is a great place to live and work, which is why Mia chose to continue to call it home. With her roots in Turkey Point, Mia dedicated her entire life in the tourist industry. Complementing her successful past ownership of Turkey Points 2nd Sandbar, Mia expanded her horizons in order to share her passion and knowledge of Turkey Points cottage country in order to provide the best investment for her clients.

Mia resides in Port Dover spending her summers where she grew up in Turkey Point. In her free time, Mia is always on a search for the perfect cappuccino. She enjoys going on hikes, running and spending quality time with her family and friends. So whether you enjoy a latte, cappuccino or simply a black coffee Mia would love to meet any clients looking to buy or sell their dream home/cottage.

Mia can be contacted at 519.410.1515 or Mia@MiasGotLand.com.

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Tommy Land

Tommy Land

Tommy Land is a third generation REALTOR® who graduated from The University of Guelph with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Along with his exceptional academics Tommy was a U-SPORTS national track and field champion two years straight along with being recognized as male athlete of the year for two academic years. Tommy is excited to now be turning his focus toward real estate. With a passion for service in the Norfolk county area, specializing in residential and cottage country.

Tommy is ready to help you with your buying and selling needs, as a proud member of Erie’s Edge Real estate family. Tommy carries the values of exceptional hard work, integrity, attention to detail, along with outstanding client service into everything he does.

When Tommy isn’t making home ownership dreams come true for his clients. He enjoys his time by the lake along with all outdoor activities including, fishing, hiking and running. Tommy currently Resides in Port Dover and enjoys spending summers at the cottage in Turkey Point.

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Heather Zuskan

Heather Zuskan

Meet Heather Zuskan.

Heather has lived and worked in Norfolk County for 25 years and appreciates the values of small town living.

As a REALTOR®, Heather is focused on helping Buyers and Sellers achieve their goals. Whether you are a first time buyer or seasoned homeowner, if you are thinking of buying or selling or would like to know the value of your property, Heather can help.

As a full time, full service REALTOR®, Heather knows the market, it’s trends, has access to upcoming listings, and knows the people you need to know in order to make your next move a smooth transaction.

For all your real estate needs contact Heather at 519.420.7347 or Heather@EriesEdge.com.

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Kristen Hopley

Kristen Hopley

A small town girl at heart.  Born and raised in Stoney Creek when Fruit Trees outnumbered the houses.  I grew up enjoying the freedom you have in a place where everyone knows you.  We explored the Bruce Trail, Confederation & Battlefield Parks.  Enjoyed being on and around Lake Ontario.  Many fun meals at Hutches on the Beach and deserts at the Stoney Creek Dairy.

Over 3 years ago, the need for adventure and escaping the city took my husband and I on the best drive.  We drove to Port Dover and then decided to explore further.  We Stumbled onto Port Rowan, the most Welcoming little town.  Stopped into Starks Golf course for a refreshing drink and found our Slice of Heaven = 1 acre of property across from the Golf Course, surrounded by farmer’s fields and the most amazing Neighbours.  We now spend our time going for Nature Walks, exploring Long Point and Backus Park, bird watching, he on the golf course, me breathing in all the Fresh Air and Boating.  Every boat ride now ends with the BEST French Fries we have ever had.  Found at the Chip Ship located at the Old Cut Boat Livery.    What a perfect place to “Be” with our family and friends. 

Port Rowan is our Chosen Home.

I want to help you purchase Your “Slice of Heaven” or start you off on your next Adventure by selling your house.

The reason you would enjoy working with me:  I have over 20 years of experience in Sales.  A large portion of my career was spent in the household moving industry.   I am now in the industry I love!  All of this equals a Realtor who understands the complexity of the Sale and Purchase as well as how to help you Enjoy the Excitement of this Adventure and Manage any Anxiety around the move.  My career has provided me with Strong Customer Service skills and trained me to be a Top Negotiator.  Now practicing in Real Estate in Norfolk County I look forward to working with you!

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Dorie Girard

Dorie Girard

I have been a full-time REALTOR® for the past 26 years serving Oxford and Norfolk Counties.  My husband Len and I formerly resided in Otterville for 30 years, and in 2014 made a move to our new home in Long Point.

I have been active in the community through involvement with the local schools, sports programs (I love baseball), our church and various other boards where I have served as a director.  During golf season, you can find me in my spare time at Otter Creek Golf Club, located in Otterville.  One of my favourite things to do (besides sell real estate) is to visit and spend time with my 4 grandchildren, Isabelle, Lily, Jaxon and Parker.

Both Oxford and Norfolk County are filled with rich farm land, lovely communities and wonderful, caring people.  So whether you are looking to buy or sell in Norfolk or Oxford, it would be my pleasure to help you.  My mission is to help you find your perfect place and guide you through a stress-free home buying experience.

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Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell

Sales agent: noun; one who facilitates a life enhancing and mutually beneficial transaction between a vendor and purchaser.

Sounds simple…right?

Hi.  My name is Greg Mitchell.

I have joined Erie’s Edge Real Estate Ltd., a brokerage with roots dating back to January 10th, 2011.  Having personally done business with the firm, I know that their business principles and high ethical standards are in sync with my own.

The definition of a sales agent above is not always the one that comes to mind when people are asked to describe what a salesman or sales agent is.  Many of their responses would not be printable here.  But I would like to introduce myself  to the community as someone who really does understand what a sales agent is supposed to be.  I’ve staked much of my livelihood on it.

At age ten, I opened my own dew worm stand on the side of the road.  It’s where I learned the value of showing up early and staying late.  (The early bird really does get the worm).  Later, I graduated from my formal education with top honours in each chosen discipline.  My years in automotive parts and service sales prepared me for the last career.  Before settling in to what  I love, I have sold and helped install highly complex fluid transfer systems to a wide variety of demanding clients in heavy industry, agriculture and municipalities.

Being raised on a farm sure came in handy as well.  As most farmers will tell you, a lot of what is learned on a farm cannot be taught anywhere else.  That same farm also changed from dairy to beef and then to cash crop.

Those scary changes taught me how property values can change a lot and fast.  I learned very early on how to anticipate and react to market fluctuations.  My wife Courtney and I followed these markets over the course of our marriage and logged many hours and kilometres researching, visiting and purchasing properties.

We learned the good, the bad, and the ugly of property investments.  It’s not simple and we always valued the helping hand of a smart and understanding real estate expert – be they an agent, a lawyer and /or accountant. 

I developed a passion for this market and have decided that after working for 10 years in the fluid transfer market in North America and overseas, it is now time to stick closer to home and do what I love best – helping family’s like yours with their real estate transactions.

Things all over the country are changing fast in all sectors.  As a result, properties will change hands frequently.  Unfortunately for some, the need for these transactions will show up at the worst possible time under tough circumstances.  Other more lucky folks may decide to buy or sell at their convenience for their own financial logic and timing, be it a farm, commercial property, private home or even a vacation/retirement home. 

Whatever the need, I intend to be an effective sales agent by helping them all get through the experience with the least amount of stress and the best outcome.  Most of my past clients have become friends because we have solved problems – some simple – some complicated – together to our mutual satisfaction. 

I look forward to all those friends I have yet to meet and help navigate through their real estate transactions smoothly.  It can start today by calling the number below as I already have buyers looking for houses and as always welcome we need sellers.

Call or email Greg: 519.983.6908

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Krystal West

Krystal West

Born and raised in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Krystal owned and operated her family’s business for over 15 years. It was here Krystal learned the value of customer service and how treating customers/ clients fair and with honesty would reward her for years to come.  Over the years Krystal has been immersed in many projects, for herself and her family, involving commercial/industrial properties, multifamily and single family residential properties. This is where she discovered her love and passion for real estate.   Being invested in the community is very important to Krystal. She has been on the BIA ( Business Improvement Area) Board for over 10 years and has been involved with planning for events such as Turtle fest. Krystal also volunteers at her children’s school on a weekly basis and has been involved in the local Meals on Wheels program in the past. Krystal truly believes that Tillsonburg is a great town and loves to share information with her clients about local business , events and up coming changes in the community.  If you would like a sales representative that is passionate and knowledgeable about Tillsonburg and the surrounding area, give Krystal a call. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent commercial , industrial, multifamily or single family residential she would be happy to put her knowledge to work for you.

Call or email Krystal: 519.842.1615

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Scott Gilvesy

I was born and raised in the Tillsonburg area.  It is with great pride that I have had the opportunity to raise a family in this warm hearted community.  I attended Glendale High School where I was very active in sports.  I furthered my education at Fanshawe College graduating with a Business Diploma.

I was the owner and operator of Flint Farms Inc. for over 25 years growing tobacco just outside of Tillsonburg.  I was also a domestic and export purchaser of tobacco for RJR MacDonald and JTI Leaf.  In recent years I owned and operated Tanner’s Studio in both Tillsonburg and Ingersoll.  I am also a Director of MIT Group Inc., where I specialize in commercial property management.  I enjoy spending time with my family and especially my granddaughter, Ellie.  I along with my wife, Deb, enjoy boating and spending time in Turkey Point sampling the local eateries and enjoying great times with good friends. With my background knowledge of agriculture, retail, commercial property as well as contracting two homes, I pursued my passion for real estate and acquired my real estate licence. In July 2015 I joined “Your Local Real Estate Team™” working with Erie’s Edge Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage. I am really excited to be part of this dynamic and knowledgeable team who work together to provide our customers with the best possible service the Realty world can deliver.  I look forward to servicing your local real estate needs and my clients can be assured that all negotiations will be done with their best interests at heart.

Call or email Scott: 519.842.1119

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Jeff VanRybroeck

As a third generation VanRybroeck, with family roots in Tillsonburg dating back to the 1940’s,  it’s evident Jeff VanRybroeck not only lives in Tillsonburg, but calls it home, raising his three children here.

In 1963, the VanRybroeck family started a small construction business ‘VanRybroeck Windows and Aluminum’. A business based on hard work, honest and quality service. Growing up with the family business and having these morals instilled in him at a young age, has shaped Jeff into a successful business man who’s not driven by the all mighty dollar, but instead, a man who holds family and integrity at value.

Having worked in construction throughout his entire life, Jeff has immense knowledge of what a quality building, structure, or house should entail. Jeff has flipped houses, owned rental properties, built homes and studied structures from a safety perspective. Experience that comes in quite helpful when someone is looking to invest in properties. 

4 years ago, Jeff attained a position as fire chief of a neighbouring municipality, which meant he could no longer give the attention to his real estate clients that they needed and deserved to have. Partnering with Your Local Real Estate Team, a unique real estate partnership in which clients don’t have one agent representing them, but instead four agents representing them… with all hands on deck, giving around the clock service… Jeff knew he could maintain his relationship with past clients, continue to work with current clients and welcome new clients.  Confident that they would continue to have quality service and hardworking representatives, Jeff knew partnering with this team was imperative for his relationships, because clients could continue to work with him, but have a remarkable team on their side as well.

With confidentiality held at the upmost respect, quality service, hard work and above all else, respect and honesty for his clients… Jeff brings a down to earth approach to the real estate world. Knowing first-hand how emotional a move can be, or how finances can make ones stomach flutter, Jeff doesn’t look at a building as four walls, but instead, as a home, a memory, a journey or an ending. Understanding that emotions can take the front seat, Jeff has an empathetic approach and time is not a factor when it comes to making one of the most important decisions of your life.

Call or email Jeff: 519.983.6908

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Tristan Countway

Tristan Countway

I grew up in Oakville, Ontario but relocated to Norfolk 8 years ago. After graduating from the Hearing Instrument Specialist Program, I started my career in Guelph, Ontario which led to an opportunity to relocate to Norfolk County.

I hadn’t had the chance to see much of the county until my first house call. My GPS at the time took me through an unmaintained sand road through the St. Williams Conservation. I remember thinking how beautiful the area was and how excited I was to explore further.

Between the lake, beaches, trails and unique hamlets and towns – my wife and I knew that this was where we wanted to be and where we wanted to raise a family.

I’m grateful that our choices led us here and I look forward to helping others find their place in our beautiful community.

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Cassidy Holman

Cassidy Holman

Hi, I’m Cassidy! I’m a Norfolk Native having been born and raised in Waterford and currently reside in Delhi with my Husband Troy and our dog Molly.

I am a graduate of Fanshawe College Business Administration – Accounting. I started my career with Norfolk County in 2018 where I began working at the Norfolk County Building Department.  Here I was able to guide home owners and developers through the building permit application process – an experience that will be valuable to my real estate clients.

While working with Norfolk County’s Building Department, I developed a deep interest in real estate. I enjoyed helping homeowners and developers through the process of building permit applications to ensure a stress-free experience.  So, I decided to take the leap into the Humber College Real Estate Salesperson program to continue my passion of helping guide families and developers not only through the building experience, but also throughout the buying/selling process.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or build in Norfolk, it would be my pleasure to help you. My goal is to help you find your perfect place and guide you through a stress-free experience.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring trails or going on boat rides, and spending time with my husband, family and friends.

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Patrice Chambers

Patrice Chambers

Hi. My name is Patrice, but you can call me Patti! I was born and raised mostly in Port Dover. Except for a few years in Windsor as a small child, I have lived in Norfolk County most of my life.

I moved to London after high school to attend Fanshawe College where I graduated with a Business Diploma. From there I moved home temporarily but then moved to Kitchener to broaden my horizons as they say and obtain some work and life experience, but Norfolk County has always been where my heart is so I never felt truly at home anywhere else.

When I am not at work I can be found fishing on the lake with my husband and son, travelling to see my family, scattered throughout Ontario now, or spending some quality time with my little family and our two dogs.

I am a quiet person who is loyal and loving with my family and lifelong friends. I love meeting new people, sharing and talking about my home town!

Call or email Patrice: 519.586.7922

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