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What the Latest COVID Restrictions Mean for Real Estate

Ontario is once again facing new restrictions as a result of an increasing number of new COVID infections.

The restrictions will remain in place until at least January 26th, 2022.

Real estate continues to be listed as an “essential service” by the Province. That means that real estate businesses can continue to operate real estate transactions can continue to close.

That doesn’t mean it’s business as usual.

Erie’s Edge REALTORS® will only conduct essential business and avoid face-to-face interactions with customers and clients unless it is absolutely necessary.  Open houses are not permitted under these restrictions.

We will continue to work remotely and use technology like virtual showings, electronic signatures and virtual meetings to the greatest extent possible.

When an in-person showing is necessary, we will first conduct as much business as possible virtually before conducting an in-person showing.  All local health officials’ instructions (including those of municipal local health officials) must be followed. Particularly relevant will be guidance around physical distancing, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face coverings, and cleaning and disinfection before and after the showing.

Practically, to reduce risk of transmission of the virus, the following should be practiced in conjunction with all relevant and applicable advice, recommendations and instructions from public health officials:

Clean and Disinfect

It is standard practice for a selling homeowner to present a clean house. Today, it is even more important that the home is cleaned and disinfected before each showing. Ensure door handles, light switches, counters, cabinet knobs and other high-touch surfaces are targeted. Once a showing is complete, the home should be cleaned and disinfected again.

Wear PPE

Our REALTORs will follow provincial guidance and wear face coverings.  We will also practice physical distancing whenever possible. We ask our clients to also wear face coverings and attempt to physically distance.

Replace the Handshake

Limited physical contact is vitally important to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  While it seems

Inside The Home

To minimize health risks, it is best if homeowners are not present during the showing.

Our REALTORs will ask clients to limit the amount of time they spend in the home. Conversations with buying agents and prospective buyers should take place outside, and in between back-to-back showings so that high-touch surfaces may be disinfected.

Please do not sit on the furniture inside the home or use the bathroom.

Turn on Lights & Open Doors

We will ask sellers to open all of the interior doors. Door knobs and light switches are two of the most commonly touched surfaces in a home. It is request that  home sellers ensure all lights are on and doors (including closet doors) open so that any viewings can be completed without having to touch these surfaces.

Improve Ventilation

We recommend that home sellers consider options to improve ventilation in a home, like opening windows, when completing showings.

Digital Documents

In an effort to reduce the number of physical documents passed from one party to another all of our marketing materials about the home will be produced digitally. Contracts and forms supporting the sale of the property can be signed electronically which is not only safe but it’s easy, convenient and fun.  Where there is no choice but to use paper documents, we will take every precaution available to. us.

Space out Showings

Each showing should be scheduled with enough time in between to facilitate a thorough disinfecting of the home and minimize inter-personal contact.

Limit the Number at the Showing

Viewings should be limited to the parties to the contract only. We strongly discourage extended family or children in the showing.

Meeting at the Property

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we all make arrangements to meet buyers at the property.

Clean & Sanitize

Before and after entering a home, it is strongly recommended that you wash your hands with warm water and soap and/or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Our number one priority is the health of safety of our clients, our REALTORS and our communities.  If you have any questions, please contact our Broker of Record Ray Ferris.

Norfolk Restaurants Offering Pick Up or Delivery Services

Many local restaurants are offering pick up and/or delivery service.

We’ve put together this summary of Norfolk County area restaurants for your easy reference.  We are still working to add to this list and provide more information like websites, facebook pages, menus and phone numbers.

If we’ve missed anybody please let us know in the comments section and we will update the list.

Port Rowan
Chef Stan’s Saloon
Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-398-2030

Godfather’s Pizza
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-586-8000

Uncles Country Coffee
Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-586-8537

Country Fork
Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-534-1616

The Boathouse Restaurant
Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-586-9316

Pizza Buoys
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-398-3211

Front Porch Southern Kitchen & Blues Joint
Website  |  Facebook Menu  |

Port Dover
The Erie Beach Hotel
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-2161

David’s Restaurant
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-0706

The Family Shed
Website   |  Menu  |  519-583-1881

211 Main
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-3251

Mustard & Relish
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-3337

Trish’s Bakery
Facebook  |  519-583-2800

Urban Parisian
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-206-0066

M’s Good Food
Facebook  |    519-583-0108

Tim Horton’s Drive Thru
Website  |  Facebook   |  519-583-1929

Ivory Fern Foods
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-288-2897

Hank Dekoning Ltd.
Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-0115

Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-1810

Knechtel’s on the Beach
Website  |  Facebook  |  226-290-2872

Schofields Bistro
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-3400

The Crepe House
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-583-9018

Mike’s Subs
Website  |   Menu  |  519-582-3449

Styles Cafe
Facebook  |  519-582-3170


Godfather’s Pizza
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-582-1112

Mr. Sub
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-582-8881

Pizza Pizza
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-582-8881

Mai & Pia’s
Facebook  |  519-582-2530

The Bunk House
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-582-8449

Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-443-4004

Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-443-8678

Gino’s Pizza
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  1-866-310-4466

Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-443-6140

Tim Hortons Drive Thru

Ritzy Cakes & Eatery
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-443-0964

Kerries Eatery
Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-443-4000

Gibbled Goose
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-443-4442

Turkey Point
Sandbar on the Beach
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-4009

The Jetty
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-428-2121

Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-440-3111

The Combine
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-440-3369

Kaley’s Restaurant
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-440-3444

The Barrel Restaurant
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-0068

Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-8085

New Orleans Pizza
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-4011

Tim Horton’s Drive Thrus
519-426-8291  |  519-428-0101

Garden Restaurant
Facebook  |  519-426-4365

Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-401-3825

Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-5335

Harmony Pastry Shop & Cafe
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-6760

Gator BBQ
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  226-401-2612

J.C. Sushi
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-6888

Swiss Chalet
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-428-2878

Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-428-2878

The Catherwood and the Kiln
Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-2220

Local Wineries/Breweries
Burning Kiln Winery
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-586-9858

Blueberry Hill Estates
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-586-2256

Hometown Brew Co
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-410-7676

Charlotteville Brewing Company
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-550-2433

New Limburg
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-426-2323

Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-582-1444

Frisky Beaver – Smoke & Gamble
Website  |  Facebook  |  Menu  |  519-900-3034

2021 Tillsonburg Real Estate Market Update

Bidding wars, bully offers and properties selling for tens of thousands of dollars over asking price were the “norm” throughout 2021.

In 2021, the number of residential real estate sales in Tillsonburg decreased slightly  to 406 units from 411 the year prior, while the average sale price increased 30.8% to $576,405 from $440,456 in 2020 and $360,963 in 2019. 
In 2021,  homes sold over 60% faster than only a year ago, decreasing from 47 days on market in 2020 to a mere 17 days in 2021.  
The sales price of a home divided by the last list price, described as a percentage, is referred to as the list-to-sell ratio (or list/sell ratio). If the list-to-sell ratio is above 100%, the home sold for more than the list price. If it’s less than 100%, the home sold for less than the list price.  In 2021, the average ratio was 106.51%.  
For specific real estate information about your Tillsonburg neighbourhood, contact any of our Erie’s Edge REALTORS® by clicking here.

2021 Norfolk County Real Estate Market Update

Bidding wars, bully offers and properties selling for tens of thousands of dollars over asking price were the “norm” throughout 2021.

In 2021, the number of residential real estate sales increased  6%  to 1257 units while the average sale price increased 28.8% to $640,585 from $497,302 in 2020 and $410,257 in 2019. (Looking back just 5 years ago, the average sale price was $295,415, less than half of what it was in 2021).
In 2021,  homes sold almost 50% faster than only a year ago, decreasing from 49 days in 2020 to 26 days in 2021.  
The sales price of a home divided by the last list price, described as a percentage, is referred to as the list-to-sell ratio (or list/sell ratio). If the list-to-sell ratio is above 100%, the home sold for more than the list price. If it’s less than 100%, the home sold for less than the list price.  In 2021, the average ratio was 104.36%.  In 2020, this ratio was 99.32%.
For specific real estate information about your Norfolk County neighbourhood, contact any of our Erie’s Edge REALTORS® by clicking here.

Anniversary Giveaway – Willies

Locals know that a sure sign of spring is the opening of Willie’s Restaurant in Port Dover.

Willie’s has been a beach front staple for 30 years and it continues to grow in popularity.  They offer both outdoor patio seating as well as an indoor air-conditioned seating area. For many people a stroll on the pier includes a stop at Willie’s for an ice-cream cone.  Choose from a wide variety of soft serve, frozen yogurt and a local favourite – Hewitt’s Hard Ice Cream.

A few of our favourite items from the extensive menu is the original Willie Burger – a quarter-pound charbroiled beef burger topped with peameal bacon, cheese, Willie’s homemade BBQ sauce.  As a kid, my go to was the chili willie fries with cheese or my all time favourite – onion chips.  Ok, who am I kidding, they are still my go to!

Willie’s is also known for their BBQ chicken and ribs and of course, a Lake Erie favourite – Yellow Perch.

Willie’s will be opening for the 2021 Season on March 11. You can visit Willie’s to place your order, or order in advance by calling 519.583.3687.

Check them out on social and give them a follow.  Or visit their website and online menu for more information.

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Website  |  Menu


Anniversary Giveaway – Olde Tyme Deli

A small deli located in downtown Port Rowan, The Olde Tyme Deli is a great place for a cup of coffee, tasty sweets, a delicious lunch or to pick up sliced meats, specialty cheeses and other unique spices, preserves and more.

A personal favourite, for us is the clubhouse sandwich served on freshly baked, thick cut bread.  Or her egg salad served on a croissant.  Add your side of choice (her homemade soups are a great choice) and served with a sliced pickle. Owner, Sandy says the apple fritters and cinnamon buns dripping with fresh icing are her customer’s favourite desserts.

The menu features generous wraps and sandwiches made with fresh local ingredients and typically features a drool-worthy daily special. Supporting local suppliers is something Sandy is proud of. You can find goods at the Olde Tyme Deli & Eatery from Jensen Cheese, Kernel Peanuts, Gunn’s Hill Cheese, Fiedler Meat Products and more.

Sandy has been serving great food to Port Rowan locals and visitors for 19+ years as the previous owner and cook at Sunrise Cafe and she has always had a desire for opening a local deli. The Olde Tyme Deli & Eatery offers a shabby-chic and small town vibe making it easy to get comfortable and enjoy your visit. More than just lunch items, you can purchase meat, cheese, fruit and veggies platters “made with love” and local goods. Aside from the fantastic eats and baked goods, the deli & eatery offers Dutch sauces, spices, mixes, preserves and goods for sales. Sandy also offers catering, charcuterie boards, dinner specials and more.

10 Year Anniversary Giveaway – Urban Parisian

A Port Dover favourite, the Urban Parisian offers magnificent French pastries, rich bold coffee, exquisite tea, wonderful bread baked in-house every day and delicious lunch options available from 11 am to 4 pm.

This week we will be giving away $50 in gift certificates to one lucky winner to the Urban Parisian.  Simply complete the form below to be entered to win.  Deadline for entries is 10:00 am on Sunday, February 28.

Time-honored techniques combined with contemporary taste result in products that are original and delicious. Their products are hand made in small batches using the finest ingredients and local produce.

From cookies to cakes to bread and more, there’s something delicious for everyone.  Their macarons are a out of this world – have some for yourself or make them the perfect gift for someone special.

Lunches often feature Soup du Jour, specialty paninis, sandwiches and housemade salads.

The Urban Parisian has just moved locations from Main Street Port Dover to their newly renovated bakery at 120 Greenock Street, West in Port Dover.

Urban is open Tuesday through Saturday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

You can also order online!

Follow them on social or visit their website for more information or to place your order for pickup.

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Website  |  Order Online

To enter, complete the form below.


10 Year Anniversary Giveaway – Crepe House

It’s week 6 of our 10 weeks of giveaways and this week we are featuring a local Crêperie, Port Dover’s Crepe House.  By completing the form below, you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the Crepe House.  Draw date will be Monday, February 22.

Once featured on Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here”, this unique restaurant is offering up local ingredients transformed into delicious crepe creations.

The Crepe House offers plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as specials, desserts and delicious cocktails including local beer and wine.

From savory to sweet, the crepe options are endless.  You can view their full menu by clicking here.  Some of our favourites include The Mushroom Delight Crepe, The Uptown Crepe, and for dessert the Powell Park Crepe (named after the icon Port Dover landmark located across the street.

The menu is just the beginning.  They offer daily and seasonal creations as well.  You MUST try any of their Benny Crepes (eggs benedict atop a loaded crepe) or their famous holiday crepe – loaded with turkey dinner!

The Crepe House has decided to remain open for takeout only for the remainder of February. You can call 519-583-9018 to order from the menu below.
The Crepe House is open:
Monday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday – CLOSED
Thursday 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Friday 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Be sure to follow the Crepe House on social media to read about their daily specials and, when the time allows, their upcoming events, including local live music on their outdoor patio.

Follow them here:  Facebook  •  Instagram  •  Twitter  •  Website


10 Year Anniversary Giveaway – Uncles Country Coffee

It’s week 5 of our 10 weeks of Anniversary giveaways.  And this week we are giving one lucky winner $50 in gift certificates to Uncles Country Coffee in Port Rowan.

Uncles Country Coffee is a Port Rowan staple, and a morning ritual for many.  Whether its for a cup of coffee, a donut (you MUST try their apple fritters), a hearty breakfast or one of their Crazy Uncle Burgers, Country Coffee is serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Their menu offers plenty of choices for everyone, including the juniors.  Wraps, sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken, burgers, breakfast options, a wide variety of baked goods and of course hot and cold coffees.

A few of our favourites include their clubhouse sandwich, chicken caesar wrap, onion rings, the western sandwich, and as we mentioned before…their apple fritters.

You can find Uncles on facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Give them a follow and next time you’re in Port Rowan be sure to stop by Uncles.  During COVID they are only operating via drive thru.  You can order upon arrival or call to place your order 519.586.8537.

To enter this week’s contest, simply complete the form below. Contest closes at 10 am Sunday, February 14.  One entry per person.

10 Year Anniversary Giveaway – Sandbar on the Beach

It’s week 4 of our 10 week’s of Giveaways to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of Erie’s Edge Real Estate and this week we are giving away a $50 gift certificate to the Sandbar on the Beach in Turkey Point.

The Sandbar on the Beach in Turkey point is a place where people can go to relax, enjoy great food, cold drinks and take in the beautiful Lake Erie views.  And when restrictions allow – live music and entertainment is available including YukYuk’s and local musicians.

Owners Stephen and Carissa truly take pride in providing a great dining experience and supporting other local businesses.  From local craft beers, to wines and produce, providing a local flare is top on their priority list.

Their menu is sure to please everyone in your group.  A few of our favourites include their wings, any of their burgers, their perch tacos, oh and you can’t forget their amazing and unique wonton nachos, then there’s the big crunch chicken sandwich, or the reuben…ok…just try one of everything!

The Sandbar on the Beach is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm offering takeout and even delivery service.  They also offer some fantastic freezer options including their delicious soups as well as meat such as smoked wings and pulled pork or beef.

Here’s how and where you can find them:

Sandbar on the Beach
45 Cedar Drive
Turkey Point
Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Freezer Options​ 

To enter this week’s draw, simply complete the form below.