Crepes, Croissants and Quiches in Norfolk County

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? These Norfolk County restaurants might agree and they are definitely creating some delicious breakfast masterpieces for you to enjoy!


This little Simcoe gem is offering a seriously packed breakfast menu! The locally sourced and freshly crafted creations will amaze your taste buds. Breakfast poutine,  perch Benedict or tuscan chicken omelette, how’s that for a teaser? With stellar service, a delicious menu and an awesome atmosphere you will not be disappointed at this trendy eatery.  But be cautioned “Taste buds may experience happiness for the first time. This is normal. This new sensation will radiate throughout your body. May induce starry-eyed daydreaming and your best day ever.” – Ferrera


Schofields Bistro

Spoil yourself on Sundays with an incredible brunch at Schofields Bistro. Their farm to table brunch creations are absolutely mouth-watering.  Choose between items like Belgian waffles, eggs Benedicts, omelettes, or quiche. With this delectable brunch menu crafted from local ingredients, good luck picking a favourite dish!

Harmony Pastry Shop & Cafe

Customers stop for breakfast at Harmony Cafe for more than just their delicious food. The comfortable atmosphere, kind service and home-style menu keeps customer coming back (for over 30 years)! We’d also suggest ordering some tasty pastries and fresh baked goods to take home and savour.

Crepe House

The Crepe House in Port Dover is serving a breakfast classic in a totally unique way, transforming local ingredients into delicious crepe creations! You haven’t had a crepe until you’ve ordered off their menu, legit. Customers are raving on social media calling their crepes “flawless” and their ingredients “lively and all topped up with deliciousness”. You know what you have to do now, enjoy your crepe!



Wait until you get a look at the new breakfast menu at Trends! I am absolutely drooling over their “Avo on Rye” – avocado, poached egg &, goat cheese (or feta) on marble rye. Maybe you’d prefer the waffles and fried chicken? How about eggs Benedict, french toast, omelettes, pancakes or a breakfast wrap? I have no doubt that when you stop in you’ll be drooling over their epic breakfast menu too!

Uncle’s County Coffee

I know we’ve already raved about the coffee at Uncle’s in our Coffee Hot Spots Blog.  So, while you’re there getting a hot cup of their delicious java you seriously need to try their western wrap! It is loaded up with eggs, green peppers, onions, cheese and ham and did I say cheese? It is an absolute morning game changer! But you really can’t go wrong with any breakfast order at Uncles’s. 

Ritzy Cakes & Eatery

You will absolutely adore Ritzy Cakes in Waterford. A mouth watering ritzy melt, a classic egg and sausage breakfast dressed up with side of hash brown casserole, or a flawless fruit & yogurt parfait are just a few of the items off their menu.  And try not to fall head over heals in love with their incredible deluxe waffle! Breakfast will definitely be your favourite meal on the days you visit Ritzy Cakes & Eatery.


Dekoning Meats

You can bet your breakfast is going to be fresh at this butcher’s on site restaurant.  This casual butcher breakfast spot is where the locals head for a delicious home style meal to fuel the day.  And those locals are raving that Dekonings bacon is “the best”!  I don’t think you can go wrong with an order of eggs paired with the best bacon, fresh from the butcher.

We’ve named a few drool-worthy Norfolk County breakfast spots.  Who serves your favourite breakfast dish?

Let us know if we have missed any awesome local breakfast creators that need to be added to our list.

Excited to Eat & Drink in Norfolk

Signs of spring have started to tease us which means it won’t be long until we are enjoying longer days and beautiful weather. But, spring isn’t the only exciting thing just around the corner, Eat & Drink Norfolk is now just weeks away!


If you’ve been to this epic Norfolk County event in the past, then I’m sure you understand the anticipation.  On the chance that you haven’t been then I will recommend that you make this your year!

Eat & Drink Norfolk is a local event hosted by The Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show celebrating many of the amazing restaurants, food producers, wineries and breweries from our beautiful county!

“Eat & Drink Norfolk is now in its 9th year! The event keeps on growing due to the support of the community. We live in Ontario’s Garden, the greatest county in Canada, and that abundance is reflected in what the local restaurants, wineries and breweries produce and offer at the event! That is one of the main reasons we’ve been named one of “Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals and Events” for 3 years in a row!” – Chantal Zorad, Special Events Manager

For three evenings you can taste test, sip and sample the best creations from Norfolk’s favourites vendors. The social atmosphere and live entertainment offer a great time for everyone.  And of course you can partake in a little friendly competition by voting for your favourite restaurant, winery and brewery.

Untitled design (17)

This year the event will take place April 5-7 at the AUD in Simcoe.  For more details and ticket purchases (which are available online this year!) visit The Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show website.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on some cider samples from Villa Nova Estate Winery or Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery.  Which local restaurants, wineries and breweries are you excited to taste at the show this year?

Eat & Drink Norfolk 2018

How Much Will I Owe in Capital Gains Tax if I Sell My Cottage?

Untitled design (4)

When you and your family decide that it is time to pack up the bug spray, sunscreen and bathing suits and list your family cottage you may have a lot of questions.  Like, who gets to keep the water wings? Where did your favourite blue bathing suit go? And, who wants to help use up the last of the fire wood and marshmallows?

There’s also a good chance that you’re going to have a few questions for your local REALTOR®.

Such as “What will I owe in capital gains tax if I sell my cottage?”
With the sale of any property, you are required to report it to the CRA and pay the applicable capital gains tax. This includes the sale of your beloved family cottage. The CRA does offer an exemption on this appreciation tax to principal residences, which could possibly apply to your cottage. Let me explain.
If you enjoy your cottage as your vacation home and it IS NOT  your principal residence then you would be required to pay the applicable capital gains tax at time of sale. How much exactly? The amount that you will owe depends on the appreciated value from the time you purchased the cottage 
For example,  if you purchased the cottage for $200,000 ten years ago and now plan to sell the cottage for $500,000 due to appreciation and improvements you’ve made over the years you would owe capital gains tax on $300,000 (the difference between sell price and purchase price).
On the other hand, if your cottage IS your primary residence then you may be exempt from paying any capital gains tax.
Although the sale of a principal residence still needs to be reported to the CRA it is exempt from being taxed on capital gains.
In some scenarios, your cottage may start off as your vacation home but become your primary residence after some time.  If this is the case, the tax owed on capital gains is based on the appreciation before it became your principal residence. 
Untitled design (5)
For example, you purchased the cottage for $200,000 ten years ago but moved in to the cottage as your primary residence after five years of ownership. At that point the cottage had appreciated in value to $250,000.  In the five years since you’d been living there, you completed improvements increasing its value further and intend to sell it now, another five years later, for $500,000.
In this scenario you would only owe capital gains tax on $50,000 (the value of the property at the time it became your principal residence less the original purchase price). You would be exempt from paying the capital gains tax on the additional $250,000 in appreciated value over the five years that the cottage was your principal residence.
Contrary to popular belief, capital gains are not taxed at your marginal tax rate. Only half (50%) of the capital gain on any given sale is taxed all at your marginal tax rate (which varies by province). On a capital gain of our example of $50,000 for instance, only half of that, or $25,000, would be taxable. For a Canadian in a 33% tax bracket for example, a $25,000 taxable capital gain would result in $8,250 taxes owing. The remaining $41,750 is the investors’ to keep.
If you’re thinking of selling your cottage we can help make sure you are asking the right questions and getting the answers that you need. You can reach out to us at 519.586.7922.

Norfolk’s Fav Chicken Wings

Amazing adventures, locally grown goods, authentic wineries & breweries and inspired restaurants.  Norfolk County does a lot of things right and serving up epic chicken wings just happens to be one of them!

We took of a poll of Norfolk’s favourite places to order wings and here’s what you had to say about it!

Untitled design (2)

The Blue Elephant

This ever-evolving Simcoe favourite creates with fresh, local ingredients and continues to serve up exceptional wings to their patrons. The best part is that their rave worthy drum sticks, flats and sauces can be paired with their very own draught beer. With a variety of small batch fresh brew to chase down your dinner, you will not be disappointed on wing night at this local brew house!

The Catherwood & The Kiln

Tucked deep in rural Norfolk County is this inspired rustic gem. The Catherwood and the Kiln is best known for their gourmet pizza and incredible wings. Their facebook page is filled with rave reviews from happy customers on their authentic style, awesome service, and delicious food! Venture out to Vittoria and give this one a try for yourself.

The Boathouse

In the summer months, you’ll find this harbour front Port Rowan restaurant is a popular choice for both locals and tourists. Aside from their perfect pickerel and perch dishes (a tip from this Port Rowan local), their mouth watering wings have their customer’s buzzing! Maybe it’s the tequila lime sauce, or maybe it’s the lemon pepper rub that keep bringing customer back for more!  Saucy or dry, stop in at The Boathouse and order up a couple pounds of these juicy wings.

The Barrel

This traditional Italian restaurant has steadied as a local Simcoe favourite for as long as I can remember.  In traditional style, you can order the Barrel’s wings in mild, medium, hot, suicide, or honey garlic. There’s something to be said for enjoying a classic wing night at an authentic and comfortable local restaurant.

Untitled design

The Beach House

A picture perfect beach front view is certainly not the best part about this Port Dover restaurant. Their incredible menu is the real treasure. Some may say it’s their perch, and some certainly say it’s their chicken wings! With menu inspirations from local sources as well as some local names found on the beer and wine menu, The Beach House is the perfect local place to enjoy a wing night out.

Sandbar on the Beach

With an enticing creative menu and incredible view, there’s no doubt that Sandbar on the Beach is serving up some popular chicken wings. With some serious wing sauce and dry rub options to choose from you’ll need need to make a few visits to this Turkey Point restaurant to try them all (which we highly suggest you do)! The relaxed beach vibes and unique local inspired menu make this waterfront restaurant is an awesome place to kick back and order up some their amazing wings!

211 Main

A 3 tier patio, live music, and a unique menu set the tone at this Port Dover Pub.  Their customers are raving about more than just a few of their menu creations and the chicken wings are definitely getting mention! These hand breaded favourites are tossed in some totally unique sauces including garlic maple cajun and peanut butter! You’ll need visit 211 Main to cross a couple of these amazing flavours off of your chicken wing bucket list.


Port Rowanites must love their chicken wings as this is the second restaurant from the quaint lakeside community that is serving up popular wings in Norfolk!  Uncle’s offers a casual vibe and is definitely doing the classics right. You will not be disappointed with an order of chicken wings (or any menu choice) from Uncle’s and you will certainly be welcomed with friendly small town service.

Three West Trends 

If you like your wings giant, juicy, saucy and with a perfect crunch then you will love the wings at Three West Trends in Simcoe. There is a full menu of sauces and rubs to choose from to dress your wings including apple butter mesquite, butter chicken, lemon pepper and (my personal favourite) hot butter! Make your visit Monday through Thursday to take advantage of their popular wing night special!

Untitled design (1)


There’s no doubt that this small town sports bar is serving up some crowd pleasing chicken wings. While it’s been a popular local establishment for years, it’s recent renovations have created an awesome space for watching a game, catching some live music, or joining in on Karaoke night. According to their fans, Swazzee’s in Waterford is the place to go for some great chicken wings and a fun night out!

The Hideaway

This particular wing joint is another rustic rural find.  The hideaway can be found on a side street in Langton and it’s worth a second look.  These delicious wings are served up smothered in flavourful sauce and we’ve also heard that their pizza is a must try.

Circus Room

Famous for their poutines and stacked burgers, their wings are getting noticed too. The Circus Room is offering some unique twists on family restaurant classics including the mouth watering wing sauces. Their exciting menu states that these delicious wings are fresh, local, and as large as they can get!

Craving an order of wings yet? Let us know which of these Norfolk favs you’ll be ordering your next pound of wings from!

New Year Begins with Lack of Homes for Sale

The number of Norfolk County house sales declined by 40% while the average price increased by 31.48% to $400,253.00 year-over-year for the month of January.

New listings also dropped by 15.19% causing continued low inventory levels while properties continued to sell quickly – – – 18.46% faster than January 2017.
In Simcoe, the average sale price climbed from $246,749.00 to $288,190.00, an increase of 16.75%. There were 28.57% less properties offered for sale in the town of Simcoe in January compared to the same month a year ago.
Port Dover which has experienced significant price appreciation in recent years saw an average price increase of less than 1% in January in a year-over-year comparison.  At the same time, the number of sales were down by nearly 72% and new listings were also down by over 44%.  
The minor Port Dover average home price increase may be a result of changing Greater Toronto Area (GTA) home prices.  Many Port Dover home buyers are relocating from the GTA to Port Dover.  
Toronto area home prices dropped 4.1% year over year declining to $736,783 on average in January.  Sales and prices in the Toronto region are expected to climb again in the latter half of the year as the market shakes off the dampening effect of the Ontario Liberal government’s Fair Housing Plan of last April, including a foreign buyers tax.
Delhi once again saw some huge fluctuations in year over year activity.  The average price skyrocketed by 49.96% to $336,200, properties sold 23.81% faster, while listings dropped by 25%.  This can be attributed to Delhi’s relative affordability in comparison to other Norfolk communities. 
Waterford, Turkey Point and Long Point only combined for 4 total sales in 2018 up from 2017 with 1 total sale between the 3 communities.
If you are considering selling this winter, the market conditions remain a seller’s market.  Low inventory, high demand, reduced listings and quick sales are all favourable conditions for selling.  Don’t let the winter snow and cold keep you from listing this winter. Contact us to discuss specific market conditions for your home, and a plan to get you where you want to go, on time!

15 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues in Norfolk

15 ways to beat (4)

We’re going to help you fight back against the dreaded winter blues.  Here are 15 things to do in our beloved Norfolk County to help keep you out of that winter slump.

Laugh it up at Sandbar on the Beach in Turkey Point. On the last Saturday of each month they host a Yuk Yuk’s event which includes an amazing buffet.

Bust out the broom and get a head start on your spring cleaning list.  With the indoor tasks out of the way you’ll have more time to spend on outdoor clean up in the spring. Norfolk County Council approved a 2018 county wide bulk pick up for this spring, so be prepared to get your items to the curb on time! 

Go ice fishing! Since we live near the lake, bundle up and head out on the ice (after you’ve checked out the ice safety conditions) to see what you can catch. Check out Jimmy Riggin in Long Point and Bayside Ice Fishing or Woodward’s Ice Fishing in St. Williams to get equipped for the sport. For the avid ice fisherman, putt your skills to the test in this upcoming tournament. But of course, safety first! Here are some ice fishing safety tips from Long Point’s Old Cut Boat Livery.

Trivia Night, Comedy Night, Movie Night, pick your passion!  New Limburg Brewery in Nixon hosts weekly events that are perfect for a date night or a hangout with friends. You can order from their epic beer menu of Belgian style ales and in house snacks. They’ve created an awesome space for you to just relax and have fun. Check out their Facebook page to see what’s going on each week.

Untitled design (43)

Re-decorate a room. Channel your inner interior decorator and give a neglected room some love. For you decor inspiration, check out Brushed Designs in Waterford.

Indulge in a night out, dinner and live music usually does the trick! 211 Main in Port Dover hosts a gastro pub atmosphere, an inspired menu, and local musicians.  Visit their Facebook page to see their menu and their live music schedule.

Focus on you. That’s right, slow down and make some time for you! We suggest checking out a yoga class or one of the other wellness services at Anume Health & Wellness Centre in Waterford. They even offer beer yoga for the boys!

Get creative! Attend a do-it-yourself sign making class hosted by Rural Inspirations. You’ll have a great time getting crafty and creating your personalized masterpiece. Their Facebook page showcases tons of sign inspirations and upcoming events.

Popcorn and a movie. You can’t go wrong with a classic movie night at Norfolk’s very own movie theatre, The Strand in Simcoe. Wether its a date night or a family night, check out what’s playing and order extra butter! 

Get in touch your wild side and take part in CRC’s Owl Prowl to learn about these awesome mysterious winged creatures of the night.  Meet some local owls up close then head out to the field and call in some wild ones! 

Untitled design (42)

Go for a hike and re-connect with nature. Trekking through the Backus trails in the winter season is a chance to see our beautiful county in a new perspective. The glistening trees and beautiful white blanket offer a very different view from the colourful forest of the summer (and there’s no bugs!) So, pull out you snow boots or snow shoes and hit the trails. 

Host a Norfolk inspired Wine & Cheese Party! Lucky for us, Norfolk has more than a handful of amazing wineries to choose from. Stock up on few bottles from these local wineries for your guests to sample. Then visit The Dover Cheese Shop in Port Dover and The Second Mouse Cheesetique in Delhi to pick up some fantastic specialty cheese options for pairing.

Sweeten up your day with some baked treats. Tie up your apron, get out the sugar and spend the day in the kitchen baking up some sweet creations.  You might even turn to your copy of Norfolk County’s Cook Book to find some locally inspired recipes. And for the non-bakers out there (like me), you can opt to skip the whisk and head over to Ritzy Cakes, Joy Bakery Cafe or Urban Parisian for some incredible baked treats.

Untitled design (41)

Try something new and take a beginners pottery class. Circle of Friends pottery is a creative learning studio for beginner potters of all ages. The art of pottery has been said to have some amazing health benefits including stress reduction.  So, give it a try and de-stress with this creative outlet. Find an upcoming class on their facebook page.

Take a lunch break in Port Rowan.  Country Fork has new a menu that your are definitely going to want to try.  Stop in for a delightful lunch then drive down to the harbour to take in the stunning views the lake has to offer at this beautiful time of year.

Ritzy Romance in Waterford

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something romantic in the air in Waterford, Ontario.  It could be the old buildings and heritage homes with beautiful architecture around every corner.  Or it could be the surrounding nature and towering trees spilling in to the towns core, lining the streets, and letting you know that you’re just steps away from immersing yourself in nature at Black Bridge, Shadow Lake or the Heritage Trail at any moment.

But certainly part of the romance comes from that warming small-town, tight community vibe that makes you feel welcome and right at home in Waterford. 

Untitled design (36)I was taking a course in this charming town and was advised by the locals that I absolutely had to visit Ritzy Cakes & Eatery on my lunch break. While their specialty is cakes, and I mean beautifully crafted and delicious cakes, their eatery menu and sweet treats are equally mouthwatering! 

Aside from their tempting menu, their genuine and friendly service stood out above all. The owner and staff at Ritzy Cakes truly embrace the spirit of small town service.  During our lunch break one of the members of the course had to leave the line at Ritzy Cakes after ordering with out getting his food due to timing. Ritzy Cakes took it upon themselves to deliver his order to the hall where we were gathered so that this gentleman didn’t go without a lunch. This was truly a display of admirable customer service.  Not to mention this man was lucky he didn’t miss his chance to enjoy a delicious Ritzy Sandwich!

Untitled design (37)

While sandwiches are always my preference, the menu at Ritzy Cakes & Eatery also boasts an all day breakfast featuring a Ritzy Melt and scrumptious waffles.  The lunch options also include panini’s, wraps, salads, and soups.  Of course, the delectable dessert menu takes the cake (pun intended)! My sandwich was stacked high and made to perfection.  For my desert, their apple fritter was highly recommended. I was actually told to get there early before they sell out because these freshly baked beauties go quickly.  I got their just in time to snag a warm apple fritter and I enjoyed every bite.

1After an awesome first experience at Ritzy Cakes & Eatery, I make sure to stop in whenever I am in town and I am never disappointed. I recommend you embrace the atmosphere next time you’re in Waterford and be sure to visit this quaint cake shop and eatery. You’ll surely be swept away by their genuine service and tasty creations.

8 Coffee Hot Spots in Norfolk County

This blog is dedicated to all the java junkies who need that dose of caffeine to get them through the day. Whether it’s your morning motivator, an afternoon addiction, or a beloved break that you savour, we’ve got a list of coffee spots in Norfolk that you need to visit for a sip!

Untitled design (35)

Urban Parisian

This french bakery brings a bold European style vibe to Port Dover’s beach life atmosphere, and they’ve brought some bold coffee flavours too.  They have stated the claim that their rich coffee is “the best cup of coffee in town” and one might find that hard to argue! You can pair that steaming cup of caffeinated heaven with a freshly baked french dessert or one of their authentic and ever-changing lunch menu options.


While their food has attitude, their Brazilian coffee is packing a flavourful punch. The family vibe at Ferrera’s makes it the perfect place to meet up and enjoy a hot coffee, and some amazing food. While I favour a cup of their Brazilian coffee, no cream and sugar needed, their vanilla hazelnut coffee is definitely on my must-try list.

New Limburg

This local brewery is known for it’s Belgian Style Ales, but their bold coffee is equally rave worthy!  They are serving up a deliciously rich cup of java (amongst a couple other awesome caffeinated options). Their European style beer cafe in an old school classroom creates a perfect setting to lounge and laugh with friends over a cold Belgian beer or hot cup of coffee.

Uncle’s Country Coffee

When we asked our followers on social media their favourite coffee spot, Uncle’s in Port Rowan earned multiple mentions. Their humble service and hot coffee is worth the detour if your headed to the lake or near this tiny town. You can get it to go from their convenient drive through window and head to the park to enjoy the perfectly brewed coffee overlooking the lake, or dine in and order up one of their epic breakfast feasts.

Cuppa Refills

Cuppa Refills is receiving exceptional online reviews from their patrons for their warm service, stunning view and of course, their hot java! At this unique coffee shop, you can select from over 150 K-cup options to sip on.  Better yet, you can enjoy your selected drink while looking out over the Port Dover harbour or join in one of their paint or sign making classes.  As one happy coffee customer said “it’s like coming home, leaving your problems behind”.

Crepe House

With organic free trade coffee and some seriously amazing crepe creations, a stop at the Crepe House is a must when visiting Port Dover. Of course they have some other amazing caffeinated options on their hot beverage menu including lattes, espresso and cappuccino. Their crepe selection includes breakfast crepes to dinner crepes so you can enjoy an amazing local meal and a comforting cup of coffee any time of day.

Joy Bakery Cafe

Joy Bakery Cafe in Simcoe is serving up delectable baked goodies, daily soups, and satisfying hot drinks. Their delicious high quality coffee and unique flavoured lattes are worth the visit to this friendly, small-town cafe.  Of course you have to top off the visit with some of their traditional sweet creations made from locally sourced ingredients. Joy Bakery Cafe is the perfect place to cozy up with a premium cup of coffee.


Okay, so you may be surprised to see this one the list.  It’s certainly not locally sourced or Norfolk unique however, a couple of our team members are adamant about McDonald’s coffee flavours. You’ll find Norfolk’s golden arches on the Queensway in Simcoe and surely you’ll enjoy a familiar cup of coffee that is being enjoyed worldwide!

Now that you’re armed with an insider scoop on Norfolk’s best cups of coffee, where do you plan to visit for your next coffee break? Let us know if we missed your favourite coffee shop on our list, we’d love to give it a try!


Major Banks Hike Interest Rates

First it was the new “mortgage stress test” and now it’s increased mortgage rates.  Several banks increased their mortgage rates this past Friday, with the rest expected to follow suit.

RBC, TD Bank and CIBC increased their mortgage lending rates with Scotiabank following shortly thereafter.

RBC, TD and Scotiabank increased their 5 year fixed mortgage rates to 5.14% with TD noting this is the first time rates have breached 5% since 2014.  CIBC increased their rate to 4.99%.

Mortgage Rates Increase

Gregory Klump, Chief Economist for the Canadian Real Estate Association says “If enough banks raise their rates by the same amount, it will raise the benchmark rate for stress tests.”  He added “That would definitely have a marginal impact on how much mortgage people can qualify.”

What does all of this mean for home buyers?  Right now it means higher interest rates for mortgages, but no change to the “stress test,” yet.

Uninsured mortgages (those with 20% down or more) must prove they can make payments of greater than 2 points higher than their contracted mortgage rate OR the benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada.

Insured mortgages (those with 5-19.99% down) must pass the stress test and qualify at the benchmark rate.

Currently the Bank of Canada benchmark rate is 4.99%.

Economist are predicting that the Bank of Canada will increase their key interest rate by 0.25% to 1.25% causing banks to increase their prime lending rates.  This will push variable mortgage rates and other loans such as home equity lines of credit up. Additional, economist expect gradual pace of tightening interest rates over the next two years, of about 25 bps every six months.

For more information about today’s mortgage rules and rates contact your mortgage specialist.   We will continue to monitor and keep you posted on any rate increases or changes to the “stress test” benchmark rate.

2017 Norfolk County Real Estate Market Review

Bidding wars, bully offers and properties selling for tens of thousands of dollars over asking price were the new “norm” throughout 2017.

The overall market statistics for 2017 across Norfolk County look like this…

2017 Norfolk County Year In Review

To summarize, the number of sales were down (by 6.65%), properties took 37.31% less time to sell and prices increased by 18.93%!  In 2016, the average sale price for residential homes across Norfolk County was reported at $290,622.  In 2017, that price increased by over $55,000 to $345,636.

Our team at Erie’s Edge took a deep dive into the some more localized markets across the County.  Let’s have a look…


Simcoe’s average sale price in 2017 increased by 10.71% to $312,247;  up from $282,049 in 2016. In 2016, the average days on market was 77, whereas in 2017 the average house took only 37 days to sell meaning that properties sold 51.95% faster.  In 2017, there were 290 sales reported on the local MLS® system, compared to 341 in 2016, a decrease of 14.96%.


The highest average sale price across Norfolk County was reached last year in Port Dover.  The average price of $399,392 blew away the 2016 average of $339,078 by 17.79%.  Properties also sold faster in Port Dover in 2017, but took more time to sell than Simcoe, Waterford, and Delhi.  In 2017, properties sold 25% faster, with an average of 45 days on market (vs. 60 days in 2016).  Sales also declined, but only by 6.94% from 173 in 2016 to 161 in 2017.


2017 saw very low inventory in Long Point, which resulted in 54.55% less cottage sales over 2016 (10 vs. 22).  Demand remained high and properties were flying off the beach.  In 2017, the average days on market for a cottage in Long Point was 26 days vs. 106 days in 2016, meaning properties sold 75.47% faster than the previous year.  Low inventory and high demand caused prices to rise by 35.69% over 2016.  The average sale price climbed to $437,005 in 2017 from $322,047 the year prior.


Once again the 2017 cottage market proved to be strong in Norfolk County.  The number of sales in Turkey Point decreased by 14.29%;  from 35 in 2016 to 30 in 2017.  Demand remained high which caused prices to increase by 5.85% from an average of $313,754 in 2016 to $332,094 in 2017.  Properties also sold 61.11% faster, with an average days on market of 49 vs. 126 in 2016.


Port Rowan, Delhi and Waterford were the three markets in Norfolk County that actually saw an increase in the number of sales in 2017.  Port Rowan sales climbed from 41 in 2016 to 48 in 2017, a 17.07% increase.  Like all other markets across Norfolk, these three areas showed increased values and decreased days on market.  The average price in Port Rowan reached $326,592, a 16.43% increase over the 2016 average of $280,495.  Houses sold 21.74% faster in 2017 with an average days on market of 54 vs. 69 the year prior.


In 2017, Waterford realized an increase in average price by 14.65% to $350,636;  up over $305,830 in 2016, as well as an increase in the number of sales from 91 to 97 – a 6.59% increase.  Once again, properties sold quickly with a drop in the average days on market of 41.38%, from 58 days in 2016 to 34 in 2017.


The Delhi market proved to be one of the strongest Norfolk County markets in 2017.  The average sale price increase was the second highest, only beat out by Long Point (a more recreational market).  Houses also sold faster by 34%, decreasing from 50 days in 2016 to 33 days in 2017.  The average sale price skyrocketed by 24.94% to $291,725 over the 2016 average of $233,494.  The number of sales climbed by 25.58% to 108 over 86 the year prior, the largest increase experienced in any community in Norfolk County.


Real estate was a major topic of conversation throughout 2017 and will continue to dominate the headlines in 2018.

New rules on mortgage lending took effect on January 1 and will result in a major decrease in affordability for responsible homebuyers.  We first wrote about the yet another “stress test” being applied to mortgages in October which you can read here.

Stress tests are based on the notion that interest rates are set to rise, and there’s reason to believe that’s likely to come true.  After almost a decade, the Bank of Canada increased its benchmark interest rate two times last year.

With a provincial election scheduled to be held on or before June 7 of this year, housing affordability will no doubt be on everyone’s minds and will be a critical platform of the campaign.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell and have questions about the local real estate market, we can be contacted at 519.586.7922 or stop by our office at 1019 Bay Street, Port Rowan.  All of our contact information is also available on our website at